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Thank you FASTEL for quickly addressing our phone issues that we have had on our land line. You're quick response and friendly service of your repairman were like a breath of fresh air when compared to all the other digital service companies I have had the displeasure of dealing with lately. Our Internet is so fast! I can finally enjoy streaming movies without having them freeze to "download". Thank you for providing an excellent product backed by exceptional customer service!!!

Mr. Michael Douglas South Jordan Utah

I would like to offer my thanks for the great job FASTEL did on our satellite system. We had some problems at first. They did everything they could to solve the issue. The problem got solved and we are very happy with our satellite system. Thank you to FASTEL and your technician for his hard work.

The Gilberts

I have dealt with several other service providers at other properties and Fastel has been very professional and very easy to work with. I'm thankful for the one on one support and fast response when problems arise.

Adrian City Station Manager

I was having issues with some remotely operated devices that I have at my residence in Park City. Your agents followed up with me on more than one occasion to see if I was able to resolve the issues. With their help, and the assistance of two other FASTEL employees, the issues were successfully resolved.

It is not often that service providers follow up on issues without multiple requests by the customer. You are fortunate to have very customer focused employees on your staff.

Joe Kimmel